12V Mini Water Washer Pump for Hobby Electronics

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This is a mini size water pump that works on 12V DC. It is extremely simple and easy to use. Just connect the inlet to a water source, connect a suitable pipe and power the motor to start pumping water. Great for building science projects, fire-extinguishers, fire fighting robots, fountains, waterfalls, plant watering systems etc.

This motor is small, compact and light. It is manufactured to be used in automobiles for spraying wiper water, hence it is quite durable. It can be controlled from a micro controller/Arduino using our DC Motor Drivers or one of our Relay Boards. You may use our 12V SMPS Power Supply Adapter to run this pump. You may also use our 12V Solar Panel to run the pump with appropriate a 6V voltage regulator.

Note: Do not run the pump dry (without water) and do not use it to pump flamable liquids.

If you plan to use this pump, we recommend buying the following products too -

    Power Supply
  • 12V Wall Adapter - use this adapter to run the pump from a 230V mains supply.

  • 12V Voltage Regulator Board - a regulator board to power the board from 7 - 20 V AC or DC supply voltage. You may use a transformer to step down an AC voltage, apply it to this regulator board and power the pump. You may also use this regulator to run the pump off a 12V Solar Panel(a 12V Solar Panel outputs more than 12V and may damage the pump if connected directly). This regulator is not required if you use the 12V Wall Adapter.

    Interfaces Boards
  • 1 Channel Relay Board (12V) - This relay board operates on 6V and can be used to switch the water pump on and off from a micro controller/Arduino or a digital circuit

  • L293 Motor Driver - This motor driver can be used to switch the water pump on and off from a micro controller/Arduino or a digital circuit. It consumes less power than the relay board and can also be used to control the speed of the water being pumped.

  • Multi Strand Wire - for extending the length of the motor's power input cables
  • Heat Shrink Tube - for making good and clean wire extensions

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