RFID Reader with Serial Interface

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This is a easy to use RFID Reader with on board antenna. It has a Serial RS-232 output which makes it easy to interface it to any microcontroller or computer.

The reader senses any RFID tag within a range of 50mm to 100mm and outputs the tag data through a serial RS-232 connection.

Its built-in onboard noise reduction circuitry and its small sized factor makes it ideal for a variety of applications, limited only by the imagination of the user. Use it for time and attendance management, access control, inventory tracking, car immobilization, robotics, etc.


  • Small sized and low cost
  • Detects tags within a range of 50mm to 100mm
  • Read frequency of 125kHz
  • Standard 9600 bps Baud Rate
  • Can be used with our 125kHz RFID Tags
  • A serial cable is available optionally

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Note: All RFID readers that ship from March, 2011 look slightly from the one shown in the picture, but are functionally identical.

Note: All models that ship from Feb, 2011 are slightly different models, but are functionally identical to the one shown in the picture.

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