ProMax Push Button Switch Socket Connector(19mm)

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These are snap-fitting push-button switch connectors for our 19 mm switches. These connectors are very easy to use and all the pins are brought out through color-coded wires for easy connection.
These are 5 wire connector sockets. These Switch connectors are purely made for flat pins type. These connectors are plug-and-play type, there is no need for external connections or any kind of soldering.

Note: These Push Switch socket connectors are only compatible with our ProMax switches


  • Wire Length: 12 cm
  • Size: 19mm, 5 pins
  • Switch Operation type: Latching/Momentary.

Wire Description:

  • Red - Positive
  • Black - Ground
  • Blue - Normal Closed pin (NC)
  • Green - Normal Open pin (NO)
  • Yellow - Common Pin (C)

Package Includes:

1 x ProMax Push Button Switch Socket Connector(19mm)

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