1 Channel Optocoupler Isolation Module 220V

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 This optocoupler can be used to detect the existence of 220V AC Output at TTL level which can be detected with the help of a microcontroller.  This module can also access the PLC24V level.

Caution:  When the Module is powered ON,  the board solder points or any component within the white frame should not touch any device metal or Human as a high AC voltage flow.

Specifications and Features :

  1. Board Size: 73 x 15mm
  2. Function: Testing whether AC 220V exists
  3. Output TTL Level: can use SCM to test, voltage is 3-5V
  4. Adaptive to PLC 24V level

Package Includes:

1 x 1 Channel Delay 220V AC Optocoupler Isolation Module for PLC

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