Linear Actuator N20 Micro Metal Gear Motor DC Motor with Screw Lead Shaft

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This is Micro DC Geared motor with Screw Lead Shaft. You can add a screw nut to the shaft and generate linear motion. Great for building slides, linear motions, mechanical presses, etc
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This is linear motor is usefull for generating linear motion. It comes with a M4 100mm long lead screw. You can add a nut to the lead screw and use it to generate linear motion. The nut will move linearly as the dc motor rotates. The DC Motor is geared and rotates at 300 RPM.

The Motor works on 6V. The complete mechanism is plug and play and overall size is small. This motor is great for generating linear motion in tight spaces.

Just connect this DC Motor through a Hbridge to your Arduino, Raspberry Pi or any other controller. And you can start generating linear movement. Suitable for building linear guides, linear movement, robot arms and gripers, locks, mechanical actuators, end grippers, etc.



  •  Voltage: DC 6V
  •  Material: Metal
  •  Model: GA12-N20-M4*100
  •  Revolving speed: 300 RPM
  •  Shaft size: approx. M4 x 100mm (Dia.*Length)


  Package included:

1 x DC 6V N20 Mini Micro Metal Gear Motor DC Motors Shaft M4 x 100mm 300 RPM

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Probots Linear Actuator N20 M4 100mm Lead Screw Dimensions

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