Mini Panel Voltmeter Ammeter Display 4 digit DC 0-100V 0.28"

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Panel Mount Meter that displays live DC voltage and current of a load. Usefull for power monitoring, battery management, fault condition identification, etc
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This is an all-new tiny 4 digit compact digital Voltmeter + Ammeter with a Red and Blue LED Display. This 0.28-inch voltmeter and an ammeter have a measuring range up to 0-100V. This Five Wired DC Voltmeter+Ammeter comes with a LED Display Panel that requires only a few minutes of configuration and is as simple as directly connecting wires to the source you want to measure.

This is a mini Voltmeter and Ammeter. It is simple and easy to use. Just connect it to any power supply and it will start continuosly displaying the voltage and the current being consumed. Great for adding to projects and devices to monitor voltage, current and power usage. The high brightness LED Display offers excellent readability. It can measure voltage between 0-100V and current between 0-10A. It requires an operating voltage between 4-25V.


  • High precision, four digital display
  • Working voltage: DC 4V-28V
  • Working current: <20mA
  • Display: 0.28" Two-color blue and red
  • Measuring range: DC 0-100V 0-10A  
  • Operating temperature: -10 to 65° c
  • Working pressure: 80 to 106 kPa
  • Size: 48×25×20 mm
  • Current: Range x 0.08%+Two digits
  • Voltage: Range x 0.08%+Two digits


  • Redline thin: power supply+
  • Redline (thick): IN+, the current input
  • Yellow line (thick): PW+, measuring terminal voltage input positive
  • Blackline thick: COM, common measuring

Package Includes:

1 x Mini Voltmeter + Ammeter Display (4 digit, DC 0-100V, 0.28")

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