Micro HDMI to HDMI (A/M) Cable for Raspberry Pi 4

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This official Raspberry Pi micro HDMI to HDMI (A/M) cable designed for the Raspberry Pi 4 computer. Connect the latest Raspberry Pi 4 with this Official Micro HDMI (Male) to Standard HDMI (Male) Cable, It has nice molded grips for easy installation,  Nickel plated connectors and Mylar-foil shielding for highspeed data transmission.

This is an HDMI 1.3 cable. As the latest Raspberry Pi 4 board upgraded with 2 x Micro-HDMI Port with [email protected] resolution support, therefore your old Standard cable won’t work with the Pi 4 version.

This cable will connect your Pi 4 with any External devices which support up to a 4K resolution and high-speed data transmission. Watch the video, stream media, with multiple audio formats from stereo to multi-channel sound and view documents through your TV Screen.

This RoHS-compliant cable allows you to transfer movies, photos, and videos from devices like smartphones, digital cameras, and video cameras with micro-HDMI connectors to view on your standard HDMI (type-A) television, projector, or computer monitor.


  • 19-pin HDMI Type D(M) to 19-pin HDMI Type A(M)
  • 1m and 2m cables available in both White and Black
  • Nickel-plated plugs
  • 4Kp60 compliant
  • RoHS compliant
  • 3Mohm 300VDC insulation withstands 300VDC for 0.1s


  • HD camcorder
  • Digital Camera

Package Includes:

1 x Micro HDMI to HDMI (A/M) Cable for Raspberry Pi 4


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