MG996R High Torque Metal Gear Servo Motor 180 Degree

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This is the upgraded model of the MG995 servo. MG996r is a high-quality, high torque servo motor for all your robotics and RC needs. This servo is specially made for use in Hexapods, RC airplanes, fixed-wing airplanes, helicopters, robotics, mini robot, mini manipulator and grippers, etc. Easily available libraries make it easy to use this servo motor in your project. This motor generates a massive torque. We have carefully selected this servo motor for the best quality and performance among the numerous similar motors available in the market.

It comes with a 3-pin power, control cable, control horns, and mounting hardware.

It comes in a standard 3 pin connector. It is simple and easy to control. It can be directly used with an Arduino and uses only digital input/output pin.

Note: We also sell 360 degree MG996R  Servo Motor


  • Servo Size: 41mm x 20 x 43mm
  • Weight: 55g
  • Metal gear high torque
  • Double ball bearing design
  • Stall Torque: 4.8V - 13kg/cm, 6.0V - 15kg/cm
  • No Load Operating Speed: 4.8V - 0.17sec/60°, 6.0V - 0.14sec/60°
  • Dead band width: 5 microseconds
  • Operating voltage: 4.8V - 6V
  • Temperature range: 0°- 55°
  • 30cm 3pin connector wire

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