Magnetic Float Switch/Sensor

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Magnetic level sensors are used to detect and monitor the levels of liquids in demanding environmental conditions. This float level sensor will provide an indication for high and low levels which can be used for alarms and control systems.The versatility of this sensor is that it is a vertically mounted sensor, meaning that it can be installed either at the top or base of the tank, depending on whether you wish to detect the liquid's rise or fall.



  • Length: 100~1500mm
  • Working voltage :0 ~ 220 (V)
  • Output signal: 0~190Ω ,240~33Ω
  • Protection level: IP67
  • Operating temperature:0 ~ 120 ℃
  • Maximum temperature tolerance: 120 (℃)
  • Working Pressure :1 (Mpa)
  • Maximum withstand voltage: 5 (Mpa)
  • Maximum power: low voltage: 10W
  • High voltage: 50W
  • Maximum switching current: low voltage: 0.5A

Package Includes:

1 x Magnetic Float Switch/Sensor 

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