M3 Black Nylon Hex Spacer(10MM,Female-Female)

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The Nylon Hex Spacer Range are versatile standoffs designed to securely mount your PCB as well as elevating it from other components such as the inside of a computer chassis, Quadcopter frames, Motor Driver Body, or any other PCBs come in your DIY Projects.
They are also ideal for improving airflow space around components when the equipment becomes hot. These standoffs are available in a range of different heights and threads sizes to suit a wide range of PCB applications

This nylon spacer is of high-quality brass, anti-corrosion, and anti-rust, durable to use. Usage threaded hexagonal column stand-off support, easy to install for segregating board.


  •   Material: Black Plastic
  •   Spacer Height (mm) :10       
  •   Body Shape :Hexagonal
  •   Thread Size : M3 (3 mm)
  •   Gender Female-Female
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