Instrumentation Amplifier Circuit Module INA129

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The INA129-HT Is a low-power, general-purpose instrumentation amplifier offering excellent
accuracy. The versatile three-operational-amplifier design and small size make the amplifiers ideal for a wide range of applications. Current-feedback input circuitry provides wide bandwidth, even at high gain. A single external resistor sets any gain from 1 to 10,000. The  INA129-HT are lasers trimmed for very low offset voltage (25 μV typical) and high common-mode rejection (93 dB at G ≥ 100). These devices operate with power supplies as low as ±2.25 V, and quiescent current of 2 mA, typically. The internal input protection can withstand up to ±40 V without damage.


  •  Low Offset Voltage: 25 uV Typical
  •  Low Input Bias Current: 50 nA 
  •  input Inputs Protected to ±40 V
  • Wide Supply Range: ±2.25 V to ±18 V
  • Low Quiescent Current: 2 mA 



  • Bridge Amplifier
  • Thermocouple Amplifier
  • RTD Sensor Amplifier

Package Includes:

1x Instrumentation Amplifier Circuit Module INA129



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