Plastic Enclosure - Small (PES04)

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This is a small size enclosure for all your project housing needs. Made from high quality plastic this enclosure is 5.5 cm x 2 cm x 3 cm in size. Perfect for housing small sized PCBs and boards. It has a hole on two opposite sides, which can be used to get cables, connectors, etc, in and out of the enclosure.

Can be easily modified, cut, and drilled into with simple tools. It is light and yet quite strong and rugged. Perfect for housing small sized projects.

  • Outer Dimesnsions: 5.5 cm x 2 cm x 3 cm in size
  • Maximum PCB Size that can be housed: 4.7 cm x 2.3 cm x 1.8 cm
  • Colour: Black/Grey/other (varies with stock, please confirm before ordering)
  • Enclsoure consists of a bottom piece and a lid which clips onto to each other through plastic clips inside
  • Application: Can be used to house DC Charger, LED Drivers, General Purpose Boards, etc

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