Helical GSM Antenna Spring Coil Type 900/1800MHZ Copper

  • Model: GSM Spring Antenna
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This is a small size Helical GSM Antenna for 900/1800MHZ band. Great for GSM Modules where a large antenna cannot be used.


  • Frequency Range(MHz): 824-960MHz+/1710-1990MHz
  • Input Impedance( OHM): 50
  • Gain(dBi): 2dBi-3dBi
  • Wire diameter (mm): 0.8
  • Outer Diameter (mm): 5
  • Total length Length (mm): 24
  • Corner Lenghth (mm): 9
  • Connector Type: Solder directly
  • Easy to use, excellent performance, soldered directly on the antenna when used with a wireless module. Stable and Reliable performance.

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