Assorted Gears Pack - Pinion Spur Worm Rack Pulley 65 Pcs

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This is an assorted pack of 65 different commonly used plastic gears. It includes all types of gears of different sizes like spindle gears, worm gears, rack and pinion gears, pulleys and belts, bevel gears etc Perfect for use in DIY Science Projects and Robotics.


  • High Quality Plastic Gears for DIY Sciece Projects and Robotics
  • Gears come with standard pitch of 0.5 mod and are compatible with each other
  • Gear inner shaft diameter is 2-3mm. Fits commonly available toy dc motos
  • Single gear: 8 kinds, the largest model 482A
  • Spindle gear: 9 kinds, the largest model 142A
  • Double gear: 12 species, the largest model 46082A
  • Pulleys: 7 kinds, the largest model 242A
  • Crown gear: 9 kinds, the largest model C323A
  • Blue motor gear: two kinds
  • Belt: four kinds
  • Sleeve: four kinds
  • Worm: two kinds
  • Rack: one kind
  • Copper teeth: one kind
  • Bevel: one kind