BT12 iOS & Android Compatible Bluetooth Module BLE 4.0 + 2.0

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This is a serial bluetooth module that is compatible with both iOS and Android. Use it to send and receive wireless serial data through bluetooth. The BT12 Module is similar to a HC06 + CC2541 modules in a single package. This module can be used to receive serial data from phones, computers, laptops and other bluetooth module.

This module is simple to use. It operates between an input voltage of 3V3 and 6V. The Tx and Rx lines operate at 3V3, please use proper level conversion to avoid damage to the module.

BT12 dual mode bluetooth module adopts dual mode chip AB1122 and standard SPP Profile to realize data transmission of traditional bluetooth. And through the embedded data transmission dedicated Service to achieve transmission of BLE data based on GATT. BT12 dual mode bluetooth module supports serial command mode, which is used to realize the interaction between external MCU and module. The user can configure and control the module through the serial command, such as modifying the Bluetooth name, address, the control module into pairing, shutting down, etc.


  • BT12 dual-mode Bluetooth module using Airoha Bluetooth dual-mode chip AB1122, using the standard SPP Profile to achieve the traditional Bluetooth data transmission, and through the embedded data transparent special service to achieve GATT-based BLE data transmission .
  • BT12 dual-mode Bluetooth module supports serial command mode, for the realization of external MCU and module interaction.
  • The user can configure parameters and some control through the serial command, such as modifying the Bluetooth name, address, control module into pairing, shutdown and so on.
  • Bluetooth Version:Specification V4.0 EDR and BLE.
  • Serial Port Buffer Zone:512 Bytes.
  • SPP Device:module,every pack max 127 Bytes.
  • BLE Device:module,every pack max 20 Bytes.

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