USB Tester 8 in 1 Features Voltage Current Wattage mAh Meter

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Then USB Power Tester lets you monitor power draw of any USB Device - Phone, Charger, Power Bank, USB DIY Project, etc. Just plug it in-between the USB Power Supply socket and the USB Device to be measured. This tested can sense, display and monitor the following features of the device - Voltage, Current Draw, Time since on, Power Consumer, Electrican energy, Packet data and Temperature.Use the USB Charger Doctor Module to measure the voltage and current drawn by any USB port and project. This modules plugs in between the USB Port and the USB device and reports the power consumed by the device.

This module is great to measure the power supplied by a power bank, power consumed by a USB DIY Project, Power Consumed by Arduino/Raspberry Pi projects through USB, etc.


  • Reports voltage and current from USB port to help debug projects
  • Voltage:DC4-30V
  • Current:0-5A
  • Time:0-99hours
  • Power:0-150W
  • Capacity:0-99999mAh
  • Electrical Energy:0-999.999Wh
  • Packet data:1-9group
  • Temperature
  • Setup Key
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  • 1 x USB Tester 8 in 1 Features Voltage Current Wattage mAh Meter

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