IoT BLE Development Boards

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ESP32 WiFi + BLE Bluetooth 4.0 IoT Development NodeMCU Board

This latest IoT Development Board includes an onboard WiFi and BLE Bluetooth Module. Perfect for developing IoT and BLE Projects. It uses the ESP32 module which is the successor ... more info

Rs. 599.00

HC05 Bluetooth Module Serial for Arduino Raspbery Pi

This is a serial bluetooth module. Use it to send and receive wireless serial data through bluetooth. The HC05 module can be used to receive serial data from phones, computers, ... more info

Rs. 269.00

NRF51822 BLE Bluetooth 4.0 Module Nordic for IoT CORE51822

This module called the CORE51822 is a wireless module based on nRF51822 - the Multiprotocol Bluetooth® 4.0 low energy/2.4 GHz RF SoC IC designed for ULP (ultra low power) ... more info

Rs. 649.00

NRF51822 BLE Development Board Evaluation Kit Bluetooth 4.0

This is a development board for the NRF51822 BLE Module from Nordic. It lets you get started with NRF51822 and BLE 4.0 Development without having to worry about setting up the ... more info

Rs. 2,499.00