ESP32-CAM-MB + Micro USB Programmer – CH340G Serial Chip (OV2640 Camera)

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The ESP32-CAM-MB module is a small camera module with a size of 39.8 * 27 *. This module can operate independently as the smallest system. A new WiFi + Bluetooth dual-mode development board based on ESP32 design, using built-in PCB antenna, with 2 high-performance 32-bit LX6CPUs, using 7-level pipeline architecture, main frequency adjustment range from 80MHz to 240Mhz. Ultra-low power consumption, deep sleep current is as low as 6mA. It is an ultra-small Wi-Fi + BT / BLE SoC module. ESP32-CAM-MB adopts a Micro USB interface, a convenient and reliable convenient connection method to be applied to various terminal IoT hardware.

This esp32 cam comes with a programmer that helps you to make very easy connections, previously you would have made messy connections to get it working, now using this programmer you can eliminate that messiness.


  • Operating voltage 4.75-5.25V
  • SPIFlash default 32mbit
  • internal RAM 520 kb + external 8 mb PSRAM
  • Wi-Fi / e / I
  • Bluetooth 4.2BR / EDR and BLE standard
  • Interface support (2 Mbit / S) UART, SPI, I2C, PWM
  • Support TF card, maximum support 4G
  • Spectrum range 2400 ~ 2483.5MHz
  • Antenna shape Built-in PCB antenna, gain 2dBi
  • Image output format: JPEG ( only supported OV2640), BMP, grayscale
  • Packing method DIP-16
  • Transmit power 802.11b: 17 ± 2dBm (@ 11Mbps)
  • 802.11g: 14 ± 2dBm (@ 54Mbps)
  • 802.11n: 13 ± 2dBm (@ MCS7)
  • Receiving sensitivity CCK, 1Mbps: -90dBm
  • CCK, 11Mbps: -85dBm


  • Home Automation
  • Wireless monitoring
  • Wireless QR recognition
  • Wireless positioning system signal 


Package Includes:

1 x ESP32-CAM-MB + Micro USB Programmer – CH340G Serial Chip (OV2640 Camera)


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