Linear Potentiometer with Handle 10K Slider - Large

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Linear Potentiometers are variable resistors whose resistance can be varied by moving the handle linearly from one end to another. This is a 10K Linear Potentiometer,which means when the handle is at one end the resistance is 0 ohms. Moving the handle towards the other end will change the resistance towards 10K as per the handle movement. The potentiometer comes with a metal handle which give best feel for usage.

We also sell knobs for these sliders. Knobs are available in different colors and can be mounted on the metal handle for better grip and feel.

Can be easily connected to the analog pin on an Arduino or a Raspberry Pi to get the handle position. This is traditionally manufactured for audio and volume controls. But is great for controlling lights or a fan, linear encoder, etc This is breadboard and perforated board friendly and easy to use.


  1. This item comes with only 1 potentiometer. Photo shows multiple potentiometers for representation. Order multiple potentiometers if you require more quantity.
  2. Product will vary from stock. It may differ from the photo shown. Please contact us if you require exact photos of this product before ordering


  • Resistance: 10K
  • Body Length: 75mm
  • Body Size: 75 * 9 * 6mm/2.95 * 0.35 * 0.24inch(pin not included)
  • Total Height: 27 mm/1.06inch
  • Plastic handle length 10mm

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Linear Potentiometer
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