LED Dot Matrix Display with MAX7219 IC Serial for Arduino

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LED Dot Matrix Displays are great for displaying data and messages from an Arduno or a microcontroller. They have 8x8 64 LEDs which require 16 IO pins to be controlled. This module uses the MAX7219 IC which allows you to control a dot matrix display using only 3 IO Lines! You can also multiplex these modules and connect them in series and control up 4 modules using the same 3 IO Lines! This makes it a great display which uses very few IO pins in your microcontroller!

This module includes all the external circuitry required to use a Dot Matrix Display and makes using Dot Matrix Modules easy and simple in your next proejct. This module is very popular and libraries, sample codes, tutorials are easily available on the internet.


  • Easy Plug and play module to use Dot Matrix Displays in your project. Each single module can drive an inbuilt 8 * 8 Matrix Display
  • Module Operating voltage: 5V.
  • Module size: 5 cm long X 3.2 cm wide X 1.5 cm high
  • Onboard MAX7219 IC
  • Four Mounting screws holes for easy mounting
  • Supports multiplexing multiple displays.
  • IOs are clearly labelled on the board
  • Do not reverse VCC and GND - you'll burn the chip!
Package includes
  • 1pc X Led Module
  • 5pc X Dupont line
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