IRF540 N Channel MOSFET

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This is a highly efficient high performance N-channel MOSFET. You it to control high current loads like motors and AC Appliances from a microcontroller.

The IRF540N MOSFET is 100V single N channel HEXFET power MOSFET. This MOSFET features extremely low on-resistance per silicon area, dynamic dv/dt rating, rugged, fast switching and fully avalanche rated as a result, power MOSFET is well known to provide extremely efficiency and reliability which can be used in wide variety of applications.


Drain to source voltage Vds is 100V
Gate to source voltage is ±20V
On Resistance Rds(on) of 44mohm at Vgs of 10V
Power dissipation Pd of 130W at 25°C
Continuous drain current Id of 33A at Vgs 10V and 25°C
Operating junction temperature range from -55°C to 175°C
Applications: Power Management, Industrial, Portable Devices, Consumer Electronics.

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