DIY Hexapod Robot Kit 18 DOF with MG996R Metal Gear Servo

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This is a mechanical kit for building a Hexapod robot. It includes the chassis and the servo motors. Just add your own controller, sensors and battery to build an hexapod robot.

This DIY Hexapod Robot Frame Kit is designed to resemble the actions of a spider, moves with great flexibly. This kit includes the frame and motors which can be used as a mechanical platform by adding controllers(Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc) and Sensors as per your requirement. This kit offers the mechanical frame and body which allows the user to add a controller and motor driver of his choice and start programming the hexapod without having to worry about the mechanical design and fabrication of the frame itself. This kit is great for DIY Learning, Academic Research, Hobby Projects and Robot Competitions.

Hexapods offers better advantages compared to wheeled robots and bipeds. Hexapods offer better stability, speed, and better all terrain capability compared to wheels robots. Legged robots can also adapt and work easily in environments which are optimised for human movements rather than machine movements.

This Hexapod robot is a professional small spider robot consist of full aluminium parts, with special non-ferrous oxidation process on surface, smooth edges, the metal is unbleached, beautiful and durable, prevent corroding for a long time. This kit comes with legs with 3DOF which enable the spider robot to move in any direction

This kit come with high quality MG996R High Torque servo motors which are the best suited servo motor for this application. The mounts and brackets also mount directly with this motor enabling easy assembly.

This is an excellent spider robot with sturdy design that enables it to perform highly complex moves. This is made possible by 18 heavy duty MG996R servos offering 18DOF (Degrees of Freedom or Joints).

Note: This kit includes only the mechanicals only - frame, mounts and motors only. Electronics shown in the photo are not included. Users are required to add electronic controllers and motor drivers as per their requirement. Photo shown is for representation only. Actual product varies slightly with stock. Features

  • Humanoid Frame with Servo Motor
  • High Quality Aluminium Alloy Frame with Quality Finish
  • 17 x High Torque Metal Gear Servo Motors - MG996R included for best performance
  • This kit is great for DIY Learning, Academic Research, Hobby Projects and Robot Competitions
  • Height of robot: about 40cm
  • Width: About 23cm
Kit Included:
  • This Package Includes
  • Multifunctional bracket x 12
  • Upper shell x 1
  • Lower shell x 1
  • Large leg x 6
  • Small leg x 6
  • Screw nut spacer x 1 bag
  • Ball bearing x 6
  • 18 x Metal Horn for Servo 25T
  • 1 x Screw and screw cap set
  • 18 x MG996R Servo Motors

Note: This kit includes unassembled mechanical hexapod frame parts only. It requires assembly by the user. Hexapod Mechanicals - Frame and Motors are included only. Electronics, Controller, Motor Driver, Battery and other required products are not included and are to be added by the user separately as per requirement.

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