RS485 to Serial UART TTL MAX485 Converter Module Board

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This converter lets you send and receive data using the RS485 network from your Arduino/micro controller. Similar to Serial TTL and RS232 interfaces, the RS485 lets you transfer data between micro controllers and devices but with extra features! RS485 is an industry standard protocol for data transfer and provides numerous advantages. It lets you transfer data between up to 32 devices, through the same data line over a cable length of up to 1.2km (4000ft) with a maximum data rate of 10Mbit/s. This converter is designed for office and industrial applications (non-isolated), and provides superior characteristics/features normally found only on more expensive units.


  • Lets Arduino and Microcontrollers connect to a RS485 network
  • Module can send and receive data through RS485. Transceiver Facility (Automatic Switching between Transmit/Receive mode of RS485)
  • Module can be used with a optional twisted pair cable which WILL work up to 1.2 Km distance
  • Supports point-to-multipoint connections, this converter can connect up to 32 RS485 interface devices
  • On board 3 Pin 5.08 mm pitch screw terminal to facilitate RS-485 communication wiring
  • Termination Resister Jumper provides option to use in Multi Drop RS485 network.
  • Built in terminal resistor of 100R Ohm
  • Up to 32 nodes per network.
  • Ground Output is available onboard which can be used for wire shielding when using over long distances. This reduce EMI and interference on the cable
  • On-board MAX485 chip, low-power, Slew-Rate Transceiver
  • RS485 is brought out to 5.08 (mm) pitch 2P terminal for easy wiring RS-485 communication
  • Power LED Indication
  • 2.54mm Pitch interface
  • Working voltage: 5V
  • Board size: 44 (mm) x14 (mm)
Note: For long range RS485 communication use Ground Shield Twisted Wire. D+ and D- should be twisted with each other to get optimal range.

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