VL53L0X Laser Time of Flight Range Finder Distance Sensor Sharp Package

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This is a new genration Laser ToF Sensor that can detect obstacles upto 2m with a resolution of upto 5mm irrespective of object reflectance, color, shape, etc. Suitable for User detection for personal computers/laptops/tablets and IoT (energy saving), Robotics (obstacle detection), White goods (hand detection in automatic faucets, soap dispensers etc.), 1D gesture recognition, Laser assisted autofocus in cameras, etc

This distance sensor comes in the same form factor as the popular Sharp Distance Sensor. This distance sensor contains a tiny invisible laser source, and a matching sensor. It can detect the "time of flight", or how long the light has taken to bounce back to the sensor. Since it uses a very narrow light source, it is good for determining distance of only the surface directly in front of it.

Unlike sonars that bounce ultrasonic waves, the 'cone' of sensing is very narrow. Unlike IR distance sensors that try to measure the amount of light bounced, the VL53L0x is much more precise and doesn't have linearity problems or 'double imaging' where you can't tell if an object is very far or very close.

This sensor can handle about 50mm to 1200mm of range distance. It also includes a lux sensor. The sensor is small and easy to use in any robotics or interactive project. Module comes with a regulator and level shiftor so you can use it with any 3-5V power or logic microcontroller with no worries. Each module comes with a small piece of header. Solder the header onto your breakout board with your iron and some solder and wire it up for instant distance-sensing-success! Communicating to the sensor is done over I2C with an API written by ST, so its not too hard to port it to your favorite microcontroller.

Libraries and Sample codes are available for Arduino and Raspberry Pi, which makes it easy to use the sensor in your project.

The VL53L0X  is a time-of-flight ranging system integrated into a compact module. This board is a carrier for the VL53L0X, so we recommend careful reading of the VL53L0X datasheet (1MB pdf) before using this product. 

The VL53L0 uses ST's FlightSense technology to precisely measure how long it takes for emitted pulses of infrared laser light to reach the nearest object and be reflected back to a detector, so it can be considered a tiny, self-contained lidar system. This time-of-flight (TOF) measurement enables it to accurately determine the absolute distance to a target without the object's reflectance greatly influencing the measurement. The sensor can report distances of up to 2 m (6.6 ft) with 1 mm resolution, but its effective range and accuracy (noise) depend heavily on ambient conditions and target characteristics like reflectance and size, as well as the sensor configuration. (The sensor's accuracy is specified to range from ±3% at best to over ±10% in less optimal conditions.) 

Ranging measurements are available through the sensor's I⊃2;C (TWI) interface, which is also used to configure sensor settings, and the sensor provides two additional pins: a shutdown input and an interrupt output. 

The VL53L0X is a great IC, but its small, leadless, LGA package makes it difficult for the typical student or hobbyist to use. It also operates at a recommended voltage of 2.8 V, which can make interfacing difficult for microcontrollers operating at 3.3 V or 5 V. Our breakout board addresses these issues, making it easier to get started using the sensor, while keeping the overall size as small as possible. 
XSHUT    This pin is an active-low shutdown input; the board pulls it up to VDD to enable the sensor by default. Driving this pin low puts the sensor into hardware standby. This input is not level-shifted. 


  • Measurement Range: 2m
  • Measurement accuracy: 5mm (upto 1mm in ideal conditions)
  • Operating Voltage: 3.3V to 5V
  • Simple to use I2C interface
  • Excellent alternate for expensive Lidar Sensor
  • Good upgrade in performance from low cost proximity sensors


  • User detection for Personal Computers/ Laptops/Tablets and IoT (Energy saving)
  • Robotics (obstacle detection)
  • White goods (hand detection in automatic faucets, soap dispensers etc...) 
  • 1D gesture recognition
  • Laser assisted Auto-Focus. Enhances and speeds-up camera AF system performance, especially in difficult scenes (low light levels, low contrast) or fast moving video mode.
  • Smart-phones advanced proximity sensor (distance in mm)
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