GSM GPRS Shield for Arduino SIM800A UNO Leonardo Mega

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Note: The product picture shows SIM900, but this shield comes with the newer and latest SIM800 module. Both modules are fully code and pin compatible with each other. SIM900 has been discontinued and no longer available

This shield connects your Arduino to a cellular GSM Network! It directly plugs onto your Arduino and allows you to send/receive SMS, make/answer calls, access internet through GPRS. The shield includes all hardware required for your Arduino based GSM Project - GSM/GPRS Module, SIM Card Holder, Cellular Antenna, headphone connector, etc. It greatly simplifies your GSM project and allows you to kick start your GSM project using the Arduino. Library to handle SMS, Calls, GPRS, DTMF decoding is available and greatly simplifies your project code.

The shield uses SIM900A Module. AT commands are used to configure and communicate with the shield. All communication with the shield is through serial interface. The shield allows you to use a software serial port on your Arduino.

An onboard 3.5mm Audio Jack allows you to connect a headphone to answer calls.

You may use the shield in the following projects -

  • Home Automation
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Remote Monitoring and Control
  • Agricultural Automation
  • Industrial Automation
  • GPRS Data Logging

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