Delay Triggered One Way Relay Module

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This is a  6-30V 1-Channel Delay Power Relay Module with Onboard Adjustable Timing Cycle Switches with Digital LED display It is mostly used in Home Automation Delay Timer Control Switch Module Timer Controller. The Module operates at an Operating voltage range of 6-30V, also it supports a micro USB 5.0V power supply.  Output capability Can control the device within DC 30V 5A or AC 220V 5A. It can be applied to many fields as there is a wide range of applications.



  • Operating voltage: 6 - 30V DC 

  • 1 Channel delay trigerred relay module

  • Delay time: 0.1 second ~ 999 minutes 

  • Seven Segment Display

  • Dimension: 6.2 * 3.8 * 1.7cm 

  • Trigger signal source: high-level trigger (3V-24V) signal ground and system to improve the system's anti-jamming capability (also short-circuit altogether)

  • Output capability: it can control the device within DC 30V 5A or within AC 220V 5A

  • Quiescent current: 20mA

  • Operating current: 50mA

  • Service life: more than 100,000 times

  • Working temperature: -40°C-85°C

  • With optocoupler isolation, enhanced anti-jamming capability, industrial-grade circuit board, set parameters for memory after power failure.

Package Includes:

1 x Delay Triggered One Way Relay Module


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