Air Vent Fan Filter Snap Fit 147mm*147mm

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Most often, the increased causes behind malfunctions or faults in electrical and electronic equipment housed in control panels or fitted as an integral part of a machine, are due to heat and dust problems. In reality, the life span of components depends on the temperature, level of humidity, and the number of dust particles inside the electrical cabinet.

The use of an exhaust filter ensures the passage of air and the removal of heat in a natural manner. This solution can be considered for dissipating low levels of heat in dusty environments.

These Fan filters are the solution one should look out for to eliminate heating and dust problems. These filters block the dust particles from the external space keeps the electronic components/ equipment safe from malfunctions and these filters are easily replaceable. These units have a low external profile to avoid obstruction and are easy to mount on standard panel cutouts with a fast snap-on assembly


  • White
  • Size:147*147mm
  • Snap Fit
  • Operating Temperature: -20°c to +85°c
  • Compatible Exhaust Fan:  4 inches
  • Dimensions:
  •                    Height  A - 147mm B - 147mm
  •                    Cut out C - 119.5mm  D - 119.5mm

Package Includes:

1 x Air Vent Fan Filter Snap Fit 147*147mm


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