6 inch 6x3 Propellers Orange CW CCW 2pcs/bag 6030

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A set of 2 x 6030 Propellers. The set includes one clockwise rotating and one counter-clockwise rotating propeller with 2 x propeller shaft adapters. The adapters allow the propeller to be used with motors of different shaft diameters.

This 6030 propeller can be used with brushless motors with a 800-1800 kV rating. With a low kV motor(800 - 1400 kV), this propeller offers smooth flights with longer flight times perfect for FPV and aerial photography. With a high kV motor (more than 1200 kV) this propeller offers fast flights perfect for acrobatic flights.

This propeller can be used with our DYS 1400 kV/1800 kV motors, A2212 100kV motors and our 30A ESC.

Note: Buy additional propellers than required on your multi-rotor as propellers are regularly broken during flight crashes

Specifications :

Diameter: 6"
Pitch: 3'
Weight : 15 grams
Shaft Diameter:5mm
Material : Nylon
Total length: 15 cm
Includes one CW rotating propeller and one CCW rotating propeller

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