FRC IDC Box Male Header Straight (5x2 ,10 Pins)

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PCB Mounted box header, dual row shrouded header with polarity notch,triangle denotes pin 1,  Use with IDC Feale Socket Connectors for interconnection through Flat Ribbon Cable.IDC socket connector used to make physical connections in a variety of applications. They are common in industrial applications, where the accuracy of connections, the ability to make them reliable and where there may be many wires that need to be connected at once are all vital considerations.

This IDC product technology allows cost-effective connections between circuit boards based on a permanent connection (using transition connector) or removable connection (using IDC flat cable connectors).

They are also ideally suited for environments where dust and other hazards may pose significant threats to electronic equipment


  •     Type : Male Straight
  •     Pins  : 10
  •     Color : Black
  •     Flammability Rating :UL94V-0
  •     Pitch : 2.54mm
  •     Operating Temperature: -40 to 125 degrees
  •     Current Rating :3A max
  •     Working Voltage: 250 Vac
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