100 RPM Double Shaft BO Motor - Straight

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Bo motor (Battery Operated) is a lightweight DC geared motor. The biggest advantage of these 100 RPM Single Shaft BO motors is that they give good torque and rpm at lower operating voltages.

A small shaft with matching wheels gives an optimized design for your applications like a robot, etc. Mounting holes on the body & lightweight makes it suitable for in-circuit placement. This motor can be used with a 69mm Diameter Wheel for Plastic Gear Motors.

The motor is ideal for DIY enthusiasts. This motor set is inexpensive, small, easy to install, and ideally suited for use in a mobile robot car. They are commonly used in our 2WD platforms.



  • Shaft length: 8.56 mm (Double)
  • Shaft Diameter: 5.39 mm 
  • Operating Voltage: 3 to 12V.
  • No Load Current: 40-180mA.
  • Rated Speed(After Reduction): 100 RPM
  • Rated Torque: 0.35 Kgcm


Package Includes:

1 x 100 RPM Double Shaft BO Motor - Straight

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