RFID Shield

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The RFID Shield is designed to facilitate easy development of RFID based projects with an Arduino or an Arduino compatible board. The RFID Shield uses the EM18 RFID Module which detects and outputs a RFID Cards’ number through a simple interface. The shield also consists of two relays (which can be used to switch 240V appliances, motors, etc), a buzzer, 2 x general purpose LEDs and Switches.

  • Compatible with Arduino NG, Diecimila, Duemilanove, UNO, Arduino-clones and other boards with an Arduno compatible pinout
  • Sample code to read card data, control relays, buzzers, leds and switches is provided
  • Uses the EM18 RFID Module with simple serial interface
  • Module can output card data in two formats – Serial and the Wiegand
  • Onboard relays can be used to control 240V appliances, motors, coils, and other high power devices
  • 2 x General Purpose LEDs
  • 2 x General Purpose Switches
  • Board comes with clear and legible pin lables for rapid prototyping and expansion

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