RFID Tags and Readers

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RFID Reader Module (125kHz)

This is a compact RFID reader with a simple Serial TTL and Wiegand outputs. It operates on 5V and has a reading range of around 150mm

Rs. 475.00


This is a plug and play USB RFID Reader. It can be used to read our 125kHz basedRFID cards. Just connect the reader to the USB port and it creates a ... more info

Rs. 800.00

RFID Reader Module with Serial TTL Interface

This board uses the EM18 RFID Module. It can be used to read our RFID cards. Using the board with microcontrollers to read a card's data is very ... more info

Rs. 625.00

RFID Reader with Serial Interface

This is a easy to use RFID Reader with on board antenna. It has a Serial RS-232 output which makes it easy to interface it to any microcontroller or ... more info

Rs. 800.00

... more info
RFID Card Tag - 125Khz White

This a small sized RFID tag. IT works in the 125 KHz range. RFID is useful for sensing and identifying tagged people and objects for access control, ... more info

Rs. 25.00