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315Mhz Wireless RF Module Transmitter & Receiver Remote Control

This is a set of 315Mhz Wireless RF Transmitter and Receiver. The transmitter includes an inbuilt battery, 4 buttons and comes in a small package and ... more info

Rs. 330.00

Wireless Video Camera Kit

This is a low cost wireless video camera Kit. It includes a tiny video camera with inbuilt 2.4 Ghz transmitter, an audio and video receiver, suitable ... more info

Rs. 1,650.00

4 Bit Wireless Module

This is a 4 bit wireless module. Use it to transmit and receive 4 bits of wireless data through a wireless RF Link. It is our RF Modules and the ... more info

Rs. 450.00

4 Channel Wireless Relay Board

A four channel relay board which can be controlled by a wireless remote which is connected to the receiver through a wireless RF link. The relays can ... more info

Rs. 650.00

nRF24L01 based Wireless Transreceiver

This is a cheap and easy to use RF wireless transceiver module based on the popular nRF24L01 from Nordic Semiconductor. It works at the 2.4 GHz ... more info

Rs. 175.00

Serial Bluetooth Module - HC05

This is a serial bluetooth module. Use it to send and receive wireless serial data through bluetooth. The HC05 module can be used to receive serial ... more info

Rs. 350.00

Wireless Transceiver - RFM70

The RFM70 is a low cost and easy to use RF wireless transceiver module that works at the 2.4 GHz frequency range. Unlike other cheap wireless ... more info

Rs. 300.00

434 MHz RF Receiver and Transmiter

These are cheap and simple to use RF receivers and transmitters. Its extreme small size coupled with its low power consumption makes it ideal for a ... more info

Rs. 200.00

Cellular Antenna - Small

This is a small antenna with a SMA Male connector. Use it in cellular projects with a SMA female connector.

Rs. 75.00

SMA Connector Female - Right Angled

This is a SMA Right Angled Female(old convention) connector. Use it to connect to GPS and cellular antennas with a male SMA connector.

Rs. 75.00