Speakers and Buzzers

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Speaker - 16 Ohm 0.25 W

This is a simple speaker of a resistance of 8 Ohm and a power rating of 0.25 W. Use it in all your projects requiring an audio output. This speaker ... more info

Rs. 40.00

Piezo Electric Buzzer Alarm 5V 12V Continuous for Arduino

This is a general purpose continuous Piezo Electric Buzzer Alarm. It works between 3 to 12 V. It has two mounting holes and can be easily mounted to ... more info

Rs. 30.00

Wireless Bluetooth Amplifier Audio 25W+25W Digital TDA7492P

This is a wireless bluetooth receiver amplifier. 1.After power is turned on, the product automatically goes into pairing mode.You can then view the ... more info

Rs. 1,099.00

Buzzer - PCB mountable

This is a general purpose peizo buzzer. It can easily soldered onto a prototype board. It works between 2 to 12 V.

Rs. 18.00