40 pin AVR Advanced Development Board

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This is an advanced 40 pin AVR Development Board. The development board provides an easy and a low cost way to develop projects on a 40 pin AVR microcontrollers.

Optionally available with this board is a Atmega32 microcontroller with a serial bootloader. The bootloader enables the microcontroller to be programmed directly by a PC from AVRStudio without the need for any expensive hardware programmer. Just connect the board to your PC with a serial cable(sold separately) and you can start programming the microcontroller. If you wish to program the microcontroller through USB using the bootloader, you can use a USB to Serial converter.

This board is perfect if you are just starting out with AVR programming and also if you want a tried and tested board for building advanced projects based on it. It is also suited for people who have just started out with embedded programming.

  • The board is built upon high quality FR-4(1.5 mm) with a green solder mask and a clear and legible white legend.
  • Onboard MAX232 interface circuit for easy communication with a computer and other serial devices(GPS modules, GSM Modems, etc).
  • Comes with a motor driver(L293) which can control two speed and direction of two DC motors or one stepper motor.
  • Comes with one ULN2803 which can be used to drive relays, stepper motors, etc.
  • Comes with a crystal oscillator circuit
  • On board 16x2 LCD connector with brightness control for LCD
  • 4 Digit Segment Multiplexed Display
  • 8 LED array
  • RS 232 Serial Interface with DB9 connector
  • 2 K Bytes I2C serial EEPROM
  • 8 bit ADC
  • 4*4 matix keyboard
  • 8 switch array
  • On board regulated 5V
  • On board On/Off switch
  • Pull up resistor for PORT0
  • Port extensions for all ports
  • The packaged included a serial cable, CD and a manual
  • The included CD contains tutorials to get started, sample codes and demo projects. Note: Due to a temporary unavailability of the Atmega32, the Atmega16 will be shipped in place of it. The two are completely compatible apart from a few memory differences.
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